About Arca Group

Arca Group was founded in 2008 by Bob Frost, who now has a team of people with more than 50 years experience in crisis management with organisations of various sizes in the UK and around the globe. Equipped with the skills and capabilities of managing complex stakeholder relationships Arca Group has built a reputation for acting in a highly effective executive capacity.

Over the years Arca Group has worked with customers of most UK banks to build and validate forecasts, repair books and records, improve business performance and improve cash resources. Success has been measured by rebuilding banking relationships, increasing debt capacity or in exceptional cases agreeing to re-bank a client.

Executives at Arca Group offer a wealth of experience within industries as diverse as retail, hospitality and leisure, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management, project engineering and construction, import and distribution, IT and communications.

The people you will meet at Arca Group are highly adaptable; they are accustomed to reacting rapidly in a multi skilled adjustable format within a flexible charging structure - a highly cost effective approach for clients.

Arca Group works with businesses throughout the UK, usually with a turnover of £5m to in excess of £50m and often with a bank exposure from £1m to over £10m.

In addition, Arca Group has division which offers an independent BPO accounting service for further details please see www.bposolutions.co.uk