Our standard approach is to offer an initial ‘no obligation and no fee’ discussion with a potential client to help both parties assess the situation, understand our skill base and agree the terms of reference.

Following a successful first meeting an engagement letter with a defined scope of activity is signed. That engagement letter will contain a definition of the project aims, deliverables and the exit strategy; Arca Group can respond to urgent situations by beginning work the following day.

A team approach is frequently used for projects; we provide skills when and where needed, at a commercial rate corresponding with the expertise offered. Tangible deliverables include an operational turnaround plan, a cash flow forecast and a presentation to stakeholders.

On concluding the assignment clients are frequently assisted with data or presentations to support future dialogue with a lender or fundraiser.

A duty of care to the client is central to the Arca Group service. You can rely on Arca Group to get things done, and we are proud of our ability to take full ownership of projects whilst mentoring our clients through challenging situations.

Early exit is in the client’s interests from a commercial and business continuity perspective, therefore Arca Group will agree an exit strategy early in the process and depart in a controlled and managed way.